This site is running version 2.0.1-dtag-2 of the OSCAd software.

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The OSCAd software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 .

Source Code

The source code for the OSCAd software is available on Github.

However, unless you are interested in exactly the version of OSCAd running on, we recommend using the version from the repository of Amadeus IT Group instead.


The Open Source Compliance Advisor is intended to be developed in collaboration with the Open Source Community. The task lists presented by the OSCAd strictly follow the Open Source License Compendium .

This OSLiC was presented on the European Legal and Licensing Workshop 2013 in Amsterdam. It was very welcomed. But the very benevolent feedback of this meeting also expressed the need to have an interactive version of the OSLiC instead of being thrown back to the slightly unwieldy pdf version. The OSCAd seizes this idea. Initially, the OSCAd was developed by some employees of Deutsche Telekom AG.

This version here is a complete rewrite initiated and sponsored by Amadeus Germany GmbH. The new version is designed to fulfill requirements by Amadeus which the old version could not.

Author: Thomas Weißschuh

is currently engaged as a Systems Analyst at 'Amadeus Germany GmbH'. He is a contributor to various Open Source Projects and a member of the Amadeus Open Source initiative.

Author: Kristian Schuhmacher

Initiator: Karsten Reincke

is currently engaged as a Senior Expert at 'Deutsche Telekom AG / Products & Innovation' and a leading member of the Telekom Open Source Review Board. Formerly he worked as PMI certified Project Manager, Certified ScrumMaster, Technical Project Leader, IT System Specialist, and Programmer. He is the mentor of the (Telekom) Open Source License Compendium and initiator of the (Telekom) Open Source Compliance Advisor.


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